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We have laid out a basic template for you to copy and paste into the description part of your listing. In order not to complicate things we have kept styling out of our listings at the moment. By doing so we can keep the speed of the site stable and stop bad code being entered. We have h tags these are titles tags and you can change the text between the tags to suit your particular business or service needs. Instructions for use are enclosed in (this is an instruction) to provide a little guidance. Here is the basic layout template

Template Starts Below >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<h3>Replace this with your business name</h3> <h4>What we do</h4> <p>We are a young and evolving company with a enthusiastic work force and a rapidly growing customer base (this should be replaced with something snappy about your business or service the <p></p> tags are paragraphs so where you wish to place a paragraph use the <p> and where you want to end the paragraph use this </p> )</p> <h4>Specialists services or other relevant info</h4> <p>This should be used to provide the area that you wish search engines to find you for so use the word that people would use to search for you in the title and then use it again several times in the rest of the paragraph</h3> <h4>Use this to provide further info</h4> <p>Again put your paragraphs in between the <p></p> tags</p> <h4>Other Info</h4> <p>You can delete this if you wish or change the heading to suit, use the p tags to break into paragraphs</p> <h3>Closing Statement</h3> <p>Your closing statement</p>

Template Closes here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You can change the order and usage of the above to suit your needs

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If you are a business or have a service to offer or are part of a 'not for profit' group then you should have a listing. Lets develop our own local point of look up.

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