National Listings

This should be used if you are a National Company with a business or service that will benefit a local community.

For example Broadband supplier to business, communication services etc etc. Our judgement will be final so if you don't want to waste time listing just to be rejected then please get in touch first.

If we do not have listings in the category you are listing in, we may allow listings in categories that are not of direct benefit to the community, This would only be allowed until local listings were taken up.

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Instead of doom and gloom we want to bring optimism and opportunity. We believe that we can do this by building stronger networks between business and customer, through out Cumbria and The North West

If you are a business or have a service to offer or are part of a 'not for profit' group then you should have a listing. Lets develop our own local point of look up.

Lets - 'search local - stay local'

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